i want to upgrade the speakers in my FM212R. i plan on using the existing speakers in a 2x12 cab for my valve junior.

im looking for a good all-purpose speaker, that you can hear every note clearly defined on.

ive been looking at celestion's classic lead, and GT12T-75, but im not limited to that brand.

thanks for your help
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I honestly don't know why you'd want to upgrade the speakers in an FM, they would end up costing more than the amp does, and most likely really wouldn't make it sound too much better. Instead I'd keep the speakers in it and buy better speakers for the 2x12 cab, but whatever.

Check out warehousespeakers.com they have a few Celestion clones for about 1/3 the price and are supposively better sounding than the current Celestions.
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I hear very good things about the celestion vintage 30 speakers. Never tried them myself though.
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