how do pick ups work. I am a n00b so please help...
1)why do people chage them?

2) what is a good one to get for a squier bullet (I like to play hard rock

more questions will probably come after you guys answer
budget kinda cheap but idk how much they are....but my amp sucks so i am going to get a new one on christmas but undecided on that
wait till christmas.

that's all im going to say.
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im not sure...any advice...i dont want to go to overboard...maybe like two hundred tops cause there is a lot of other stuff i got to get but will see
Quote by forsaknazrael
Other guitar stuff?

Well, 200 isn't gonna get you far. Maybe a Vox AD15VT or a Roland Microcube...

the vox is a very nice piece of equipment, that's all i have to say.
i own that amp and i'm very impressed.
good luck.
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