Yep, I'm getting a Laptop for christmas and I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions.

It doesn't need to be anything special, no Apple computers, and I only need it to have around a 70 GB HDD.

I'm not planning on using it for much more than surfing the Web and doing school work. I have my music and movies on this computer.

Thanks for the help dudes.
Make sure you choose one that won't overheat and do this...

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If you have a low budget (or whomever is buying for you does) then you might get away with building your own.

1. Get laptop ($300 or less)
2. Gut it with all crappy parts
3. Install own RAM, DVD RW- CDRW drive or whatever
4. install network card (if needed)
5. get programs from "friends"

there goes a $350 to $500 laptop, assuming that you will get one with Windows XP and not expected to play games on it.


I heard Acer laptops are good if you have low tech exp.
Look at refurbished Dells. Great deals there.
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An improtant question is do you plan on looking at porn and doing ****ty recordings of yourself playing guitar with this laptop?
Don't build it yourself. Its a lot harder with a laptop, if even possible, since everything has to be so compressed. Just get something decent, if you arent gaming or anything. You'll want it to be light, and 70GB HDD with be great.
Not gaming, and I'm not building my own.

The budget is good, I just don't need an expensive one.

And it's gonna be for interwebz mostly.