whats crakin

theres a 1985 jcm 800, 100watt vlave combo combo for sale for $1100 australian,
im thinking of buying it and selling it for a higher price to make a profit off it,
but i cant find much information out about it, and i was wondering of any one new any thing about it? how much there worth? if there rare? or anything else about it?

**** dude, buy it and keep it for yourself.

Be worth more in a few years, quite probably, so it'd be a good investment.
i have a dsl, and i probably would keep it if i had the money but i just loan money from the bank sell things at a higher price and then pay the bank back and keep the profits
If it's in good condition and all original $980 US ($1100 AUS) seems fair. The thing about buying gear, waiting for the value to increase, and selling for profit is that it takes a long time. Perhaps decades. And once you've waited 20-30 years you'll want to wait more since you already have so much time invested. You're best bet (if you don't want the amp for yourself) is to see if the guy can knock a little off the price, then sort of clean it up and make it look nice, then turn right around and sell in privately through a newspaper or something other than ebay. You might only make a couple hundred dollars but you won't have to keep it for years. If you are really interested in buying/selling as a business that vintage guitars are the way to get. They are worth more and you don't have to worry about faulty electronics NEARLY as much.