Hey UG,
I have 200 bucks at my disposal, and I decided to finally establish a funtional, featured pedalboard.
Well... I have plans for an actual pedal board, but I was looking for recommendations for what to put on the pedal board.
I was thinking of an EQ, a Compressor, maybe a boost pedal (I like my amp's sound, I just need a bit of a push for solos), a wah, and a noise supressor.
Is there a way how I can get (decent) pedals for each of these effects (maybe minus boost) for 200 bucks? And if so, what do you recommend for each pedal?
Oh, check my sig for my equip right now, and i'll be using the effects in an effects loop.
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well I'm in a situation like that i myself am getting a Ibanez TS9 tube screamer and a Dano Cool cat, I have a crybaby original already. Thats good for my situation and honestly don't go for cheap pedals, I'd rather have 3 good pedals I use often and enjoy then 5 cheap ones I regret later on, you could also buy used also I see your a blues player also, so I recommend perhaps a fuzz box of some sort and a Wah pedal I like mine and it was only 80 dollars, you could get a Cheap Dano Fish and Chips EQ(This is the only thing I would op for cheap here). The Compression might be a waste of money but go for one if you think you need it.
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I second the 'go for quality pedals'. If your gigging or intend to gig, go with good pedals, as you'll only regret opting for the cheap when the buzz from having new effects wears off and you realize it sounds mediocre.

If your into blues, you need an overdrive (FUlltone OCD, ibanez tubescreamer maybe?)
A wah, and with your budget Id go used or wait until you have more cash)
and if you want boost, check out either the mxr micro amp or the bbe boosta grande
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Rocktron's compressor (Big Crush, I think) has gotten some pretty good reviews, and is fairly inexpensive. Might want to look that one up. Been searching for one myself.
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