Does anyone go to an alternative high school(or middle school)? I go to one and I was wondering if any of my friends at UG also go to one. I know that there are ALC's all around the U.S. but I'm not sure if there is in other countries. So if there is any other alt-school kids I think it would be cool to start a group or something.
Its great, basically anyone who just doesn't fit in at the mainstream high school goes there, or people who do go to a "normal hs" who just need to make up credits in time to graduate. Basically I just want to spread the word that people who go Alt. High Schools aren't stupid they just learn different than others.
What makes them so different from regular high school?
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You get credits that would take a year in a semester. If you cant afford private school, hate YO school etc. Its a good alternative. Mines on a community college campus
Basically, you make your own schedule, like I went from 12:30 to 2:50, and instead of a teacher teaching you, you just do homework, like I would come and do a 3 month course in a week then not show up for the next 3 months, attendance doesn't really matter, and it's all the same coursework as normal HS. It's more like hanging out with friends than going to school lol
All the emo kids go to the private schools here because they are to non-conformist. I don't really like labeling, but they label them selfs so...
I'm in "Internation Highschool" which is essentially a alternative highschool with a focus on global issues.... but only 2 classes a day are devoted to that.... and they are longer then my normal highschool classes and I only have 3 of those a day because I have a free period.... but ya my IHS classes are on an Alpha/omega schedlue meaning they switch every other day
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I do
Its amazingly easy and if you get caught skipping there just like please come tomorrow and let you be.
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Well for me I didn't fit in to the atmosphere of being around 1000 other kids so I just didn't go to school. Now all of my classes are 1 on 1 with a teacher and the relationship between student and teacher is personal. I had gone to "normal" high school for 10th grade then in 11th was when stopped and I went into AEC with 22.5 credits needing 21.5 more and in the course of about a year and a half I will have earned all of them.
My mom wanted me to go to a Waldorf school, which is an alternative school I believe? But she decided to just homeschool me for a few years instead, until I insisted on going to public school in second grade since I didn't have any friends.

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I went to one back in the late 80s when they first started the program. It was quite diff from the regular H.S format. I really enjoyed it which is saying something because I skipped most classes at reg H.S. Unfortunately for me they had mandatory Co-op as the second course and I was already working full time doing night cleaning to pay my rent and they figured it wasn't a job wher I would be learning anything so it would not count towards the coop. So I had to quit school or my job and school wasn't going to pay the bills.
Do they still have that ? or have they relaxed it a little ?
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yeah, we have Waldorf Schools here in Germany, they're kinda alternative, i guess, but it's still normal school with mandatory attendance etc. These schools just teach a different, more artisctic and modern way and in general put alot of value in the Arts.

I wish i had gone to one