I've been trying to make my guitar squeal, though havent really gotten it. Anyone here know how/know antips/advice they could give me on it?

Thanks in advance!
bridge pickups, Make sure you have a wammy bar. Press the wammy bar in and play a harmonic on the G B or E string. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th frets work great. after playing the harmonic go crazy with the wammy bar. 3rd and 4th fret harmonics are hard to get. 7th fret G string is the easiest to play so start with that.
first of all pinch harmonics are easy as hell, secondly...there are what like 500000000000000 videos about it on youtube.

third... "Anyone here know how?" lol!

I hate people who come here to find answers to things that require practice. there isnt a sentence I can say that is going to make you able to do it. go watch some videos and practice.
youre talking about pinch harmonics, if you're just starting them it might helpp to use your hottest pup and crank the gain on your amp.
High gain, bridge pup, lots of treble, pinch harmonics.

You can find a lesson for pinch harmonics on YouTube probably.
the only way to make your guitar squeal is call it a piggy and spank it, Duh!
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