So this is Kinda guitar related since I will take guitar stuff. I have a computer I want to get rid of. I just installed windows XP on it again. Specs:

2.4GHZ processor
512MB DDR Ram (can upgrade to 1Gb for $20 more)
DVD/ CD-rw Drive
Onboard Video (Can upgrade to 32Mb card for $10)
Windows XP Home installed fully legit!
2 CPU Windows Pro License on side (didn't have a Pro cd for it!)

I am looking for $180 about plus 50/50 on shipping. For trades, I am thinking like a small tube amp (5-10 watt) plus a little cash or a 1/2 decent guitar. I'll throw in a few bucks if the guitar is worth more than the computer. If you are curious just send me a PM or reply here. Open to Ideas!
Don't rip yourself off.
I'll give you some peanuts for it, as that's pretty much what you're asking.
so you say more? I mean I want it gone, so I don't care. If SOMEONE is willing to give me a good trade, I would be more than willing! I don't need the computer and either need the cash, badly or another guitar to feed the addiction!