I just saw a banner that said there going on tour and i was wondering if anyone other than me is desperatly hoping that they'll make a come back and put out some decent music?..........unlike the utter crap that came out of their last album.......
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I hope they stop playing music all together
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They have a new song on their Myspace. Go listen to it. Matt Good is singing, and it is godly.
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I saw them back in June, they put on a great show.

Personally, I hate the new song. I really enjoyed the kind of sound Heroine has, but they seemed to have ditched that for Matt Good's poppy crap. I'll give the album a chance though.
Who dat?
Heroine wasn't so bad to an extent, i like a couple songs, but aesthetic and dear diary were way better. I hope they do a hell of a lot better on this album