ok so i've learned how to play Six by All That Remains. But in the intro there is a 3 note structure that goes as so


I just wanted a little advice on how to play that structure with more clarity than what i have been.

(please don't bash my amp, the setting im using are actually pretty clear.)
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Well I would say the best way to pick that is down, down, up.
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nah i'd alternate pick it.. or down up down down up down, or the one mentioned above, just figure what you're most comfortable with, that's the one that'll sound best

something to improve the sound is to practise it legato, just use the 1st, 2nd and 4th fingers to hammer the right notes, and ofcourse lift them up n hold the string dead before you hit the next note..
if you play it legato for a little while, and add even picking, it'll sound better, then listen to the song very precisely and add accents, n make them sound exactly the same, when you've got that down, you can do you own thing with it and figure how it sounds best with your set up, or in other words, details.. but try the legato practsing, works relly really well

in my alternate picking style that would mean giving the same accent with an up stroke as with down stroke, which makes up a good exercise too.. how convenient
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