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we’re not playing pretend anymore,
this is real life.
we can’t change who we are just by
closing our eyes.

unevolving is easier than
growing with time,
walking backwards will offer
no unwanted surprise.
I’ve unquit my old habits,
I’m taking a drag.
and I’m laid down to bed by
unlovable hands.

you unwrap me like candy,
undo me then ask
if this means I’m unleaving,
and have I come back.
always unconfrontational,
I just walk away,
and I leave you undone
by words I can’t unsay.

Burning Crusader

The wars of but past,
Remain as haunting shadows,
Of times before,
When humanity has sunk,
To such lows,
That we enjoy,
Spilling the blood of others.

As they cut the flesh,
The noble warrior screams,
Into eternity,
Hell shall take us down!
Down to the depths,
From which war itself,
Was devised and all humanity enslaved!

The treacherous pools,
Of ferocity now hold,
This burning crusader,
This liberator,
So good that heaven,
Itself turns in envy,
At his valiant sword.

His muscles devoured,
His sword taken,
The weak pray,
For regeneration of their saviour,
Even Jesus shuns their prayers,
God turns the other way,
Out of jealousy.

The one thing…
They had all forgotten,
Was the crusaders power.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
To be quick:
I found the first to fairly creative, particularly with the "un"'s. Most of all, I just got a lot more emotion/feeling I shared with the first one. The second one didn't really speak to me. Seemed more like an attempt at just fancy wording.

I don't mean to offend by any means. Still a good attempt by all parties involved
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.