hey guys, I just went into a music store today to play test a few guitars I might get. On the list was, a mexican strat, a les paul custom (epiphone - alpine white), and a shcecter c-1 classic. You probably know about the gibson and fender but if you don't know the c-1 then google it or check it out on their website - antq or antique finish looks best!

Anyway, I loved the versatility and playability of the fender, and it was a "FAT STRAT" so it could handle some chunky rhythm too, but the les paul custom had an AWESOME mellow, round jazz tone and an waesome deep and chunky rythm, with biting lead.

The Schecter however, was a bit of an unknown quantity for me, as I have never played one before. It is certainly a beautyiful looking guitar, with its ;'antique' finish, gold hardware and amazing neck inlay and has a lovely thru neck so the high notes are a breaze, but has anyone out there owned/ own or played one? i'd like some advice, because I only hd a very limited time to play that one as I had to go. From my breif play of it through a really nice CRATE amp it seemed to have shreiking piercing lead and chunky rhythm, but I had no time for mixing in a little reverb or the clean tone. is it a versatile guitar... Is it reliable and high build quality?.... Is it highly playable and sounds great? Any answers are greatly appreciated, because I don't want to spend 1800 AUS $ on a crap guitar!.
schecters arent that well known in australia, billy hyde just started importing them. their bloody awesome guitars, neck thickness is between fender and gibson and quality is not far behind gibson. for its price, its one of the best guitars out there.

the classic is very versatile, it can handle almost anything.

u could try ebay and spend a little over one grand for a brand new one instead of wasting 1800 on one in aus.
Thanks macaroni thats really backed up my initial wow - gotta have feeling when playing the schecter. as it turns out it was in a Billy hydes store!

But which do you think is the best buy? The mexican strat and epi,LP are much cheaper, but as I said i still loved both of them! The assistant pointed me straight at the strat when i kept using the word versatility in my description of what i wanted, saying the fat strat config - 2 single coil and 1 humbucker- combined with the incredibleness of lets face it any strat would be great. I loved the neck - it was so fast and precise, but I have a yamaha pacifica (not a bad guitbox!) with the FAT config, so I figure it might be between the LP and Schecter now. ( but im still not sure!)

I loved the solidness of the LP body, but I confess they didn't have a custom in so I had to test drive a standard... Are they much different? But just the amazing depth and mellowness of the clean sound blew me away!

Still though, the schecter...wow..... what are youre comparative thoughts on these three guitars?