after lots of looking into what new guitar i want to get i have decided on a epiphone sg tony iommi signature
now before i go and buy it (or should i say save up the money to), does anyone have any experience with them?
just general stuff about it
well ive had no close up tme with them. but when it comes to less common Epiphone models they tend to really put effort in to them. i mean i have an EDS 1275 Double neck epiphone and its beautifial. so personally you get a lot of bang for your buck. but the guitar itself does look good. i read the specs on epiphones website and its definatly a good guitar.
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just wanting to know if theres any litle things to know about it that can only be gained from experience with them
faults / problems / anything, just feedback really
i heard the pickups are absolutley awesum
but a good clean tone might be hard to reach
and uhh idk what else, i havnt played one
I think it's a great guitar with awesome pups. I have looked at them a couple times Gibson did do one but I think they only did it for a short time. I would love to get a set of the pups for another guitar but they are big $$$$. I doubt you'll be dissapointed.
I was also considering this guitar aswell. do u think it would go well with a vox valvetronix?
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