and i just thought of something just a few seconds ago, but i forgot what i was thinking about
wait, drink reefer and smoke whisiky
it was something that wanted my to grab anything with strings and . . . ... . .... ....

thats it.

i know how to play now. . . .

you practice with a microphone recording EVERYTHING and you will HAVE to youtube it. with your face doing its dorkster-thing
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I have absolutely no idea what you are saying... *leaves*
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I know i wish i was as cool as you and be into Sum 41 and Taking back Sunday. Gaylord.

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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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You just made a very powerful enemy BenFoffenbock.
which will lead you to play things that sound good, but don't actually teach you much. Well, at least if you think your practice will be watched. Good luck on uploading a couple hours of video everyday too. I think youtubes in 10 minute segments. 30 vids a day?

The recording bit isn't bad, though.