I just realised theres things about my right and left hand technique that need changing i.e. a little more involvement of the arm in the pickstroke, more relaxation in the fingers that aren't fretting a note and its going to involve a complete back-to-basics approach.
How long do you reckon it will take to get back up to speed?
well, I wouldn't worry too much about involving more of the arm in your picking, if not doing so is what you are comfortable. I never really use my arm except in broad stums or for changing strings during smaller, wrist controlled wrist strokes. Im trying to think of some guitarists who use their wrist or less, and Sam toteman of dragonforce is all I can think of...from what ive seen he uses alot strictly circular picking, with involves essetially only the thumb and forefinger. Not the best example, but he does get alot of speed and accuracy out of it. Anyway my point is dont feel ike you have to involve your whole arm, unless it's just that you want to, for whatever reason.

As for more relaxation...that sounds like a good idea
yeah u shouldnt move ur arm at all..
and if u practice enough u will only take some days.. (2-5 hours a day)