K, heres the story:
These guys (1 of which I knew previously) asked me to join a band they had started. Two are brothers and the other was a long time friend of theirs.
I've jammed with them twice and we played a gig after being together for about a week and it was pretty bad.
Anyway, I keep trying to get in touch with them to schedule practices and crap, but I never get an answer, and now I find out that they have arranged to play another gig on the 8th of December. No one tells me ****, they even changed the band name without even asking if I liked it.
I feel I would be better just working on all the songs I have going at the moment and finding a band in the future.

But yeah, does this sound like a sinking ship?
sounds like they just kinda threw you in there
i hate not knowing **** and just finding out randomly
try and make yourself more known in the band or get more invovled or jsut leave
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The words 'up **** creek without a paddle' describe the current situation there. I'd bail, & let them sink.
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leave. It seems like the rest of them just want to get famous by playing more gigs instead of brushing up the skill of the whole band
Bail, but don't mention it to them until they ask you if you're ready for the gig.
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Leave but make sure you give them prior warning so they have time to find a replacement. Don't be a douche and tell them on Dec 7th.
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sounds like they kicked you out
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^ Seriously, it sounds like they just decided to kick you out and thought the best way was to keep you in the dark about everything.
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Leave before you're pushed, by the sounds of things. Also kinda seems you don't fit in with them, and they just threw you in there. If you're not getting respect (which you don't appear to be), leave them mofos!!!
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say bye bye band
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they dnt know anything. like who the **** gigs within the first week of being together. thts just crazy! lol. anyway leave the band if u havent already and get urself a band that u can communicate easy with.
You could always give them a second chance, if you think they're worth it.

Otherwise, yeah I'd leave. You can't have a good band without a decent relationship between all members. If you're not in the loop, tell them you ain't in their friggin band.
Try to figure out wtf is going on with them, and if they are still be jerks quit and find a better band.
dude yes, leave. the last thing u want is a bunch of idiots who book u for a show w/o any practice.