Here it is man... Mainly He uses minor pentatonic scales. Have fun!

21st Century - D minor pentatonic
Animal Bar - G major
Around The World - Verse/Chorus - G dorian
Blood sugar sex magik - E minor
Brandy - E major
By The Way - D minor
Carbon - D major
Californication - Verse/Chorus - Aminor, Solo - F# minor
Can't Stop - E minor
Dani California - D minor pentatonic , Bridge - B minor
Don't Forget me - A minor
Dosed - E minor/G minor
Easily - A minor
Funky Monks - G dorian
give it away - A dorian
I could have lied - B minor
If you have to ask - D dorian
Mellowship slinky - B mixolydian.
Minor Thing - F minor
My Lovely Man - E minor
On Mercury - D minor melodic?
Otherside - E minor
Parallel Universe - Cm
Readymade - E minor
Road Trippin - E minor
Savior - D minor
Scar Tissue - D minor
She's Only 18 - G minor
Snow - G#minor
Soul To Squeeze - F major
Strip my mind - A minor
Stone Cold Bush - Gm
Tell Me Baby - E minor
The Power of Equality - D minor
Throw Away Your Television - A minor
Turn It Again - G minor
Under the bridge Intro/Verse -E major, Outro - A minor.
Universally Speaking - D major
Velvet glove - D minor
Yertle the Turtle - Cm
Zephyr Song - Verse - A minor, Chorus - D major

that's from jftab.com love that site...
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You fuck!

EDIT: And Tell Me Baby's in A Minor. A minor. And Yertle's in G minor. Alot of those are wrong!
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