First, this is my first honest attempt at a metal song, so bleh to the naysayers.

A few nights ago, I met one of my friend's friends. He's a good guitar player ... Well, he's really fast.

We were messing around, and he started some riff (the main one in the fast part). We were up all night tabbing out a song. ..And the lead, which I played, is rather uninspired... Ah well, at least I can be proud of the intro. ..That and the fact that even though I'm a relatively slow player, I can fingertap decently.

First Metal.zip
not too bad. its a bit too slow paced for any of the more extreme metals but it seems like it would fit well with heavy metal (NWOBHM or similar). I think if you put in a few ascending triplet scales while or right after playing all the high-pitched triplets it would work even better.

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First, thank you for the critiques.

Going off said, I had to use a freaking pick to get those arpeggios... I hate using a pick.. Oh well, at least it sounds cool. ..Though I have some trouble switching from fingerpicking to using that pick, especially around the fingertapping portion of the solo...

Enjoy ..eh.. 2
First Metal 2.zip
I really like the song, especially the intro (Which I thought was crying for some bass work) The second part when the faster guitar kicks in could be better (it just seems out of sync to me) Do you plan on making this longer? Maybe adding bass and drums? I've been messing with it in guitar pro, just added a quick bass line and just starting to add drums.

I hope that it doesn't bother you that i was messing with it but when I hear it I just had too
I don't mind you messing with it at all. Though, I'll never add bass and drums. I'm not a bass player, and I don't play the drums. Most of my musical influences are classical/classic rock, so the sonic approach has never appealed to me. Though honestly, when I first really listened to myself playing the intro, I was imagining something with a bass, something like ... oh, the Labyrinth soundtrack, if you know that. It was some movie from the '80's with David Bowie. I thought the intro would go quite nicely with some elongated bends and maybe some string work overtop.

But, the faster part, out of sync, how? I didn't do anything fancy with it; just fade out the last bit of the intro over the beginning of the powerchord thing.

As per making it longer, the problem I have with that is that there aren't any lyrics. I've always kicked myself for not being a good lyricist, because I know that to have a good, solid piece, I'd need something to wrap the music around. Otherwise, I'd just keep going and going until I got bored.

Anyways, I don't suppose you'd mind posting a quick version up with the bass and drums? Or at least a midi? I know I said I'd "never" add that stuff; but I suppose I should never say never. Maybe you could enspire me.
Sorry it took so long but here is what I made, it’s not much and the drums never went very far, plus the bass might not be considered metal.
1st METAL.zip
First, I like what you've done with this - it's definately spiced up quite a bit.

I'm afraid my "recording" software includes the microphone built in the webcam, in the living room, and the computer's basic audio recorder. I've wanted to get one of those things where you can just plug the guitar straight into the computer, but I wouldn't know where to start looking, and I also can't really afford it. Bills and food tend to cost money...