"Is it an ambulance? Is he Philip Larkin? So much power in so few words."
~The Observer

"A transcendant terrestris, a timeless behemoth, trapped like Sisyphus in the cyclical burden of his own genius."
~The Sun

"His a cant."
~The Independent
unpaid sex


California Roller F*cking.

George Carlin ftw!
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Non-consentual homosexual sex with midgets.


this made me lol

how do i sig that? so funny
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This man deserves my +1


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Go in peace my son, and teach to the pit dwellers what I have shown unto you.


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Sex with middle aged men.
The will to neither strive nor cry,
The power to feel with others give.
Calm, calm me more; nor let me die
Before I have begun to live.

-Matthew Arnold

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Two in the poo, none in the goo.
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Badreligionrock is the man.

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Badreligionrock you have the greatest avatar of all time. Rejected is the best video. Period.
The kind where my penis ravages an STD free vagina and possibly her ripe, rippled asshole as well.

(is it ok to say stuff like this, I haven't posted here much, lol?)
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Furious homosexual sex for me. Or slow if I'm planning for it to go anywhere further.
It's a good life.
lol u have faggot in ur username

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You know, if you, Silent Deftone and I get together.. We'd be unstoppable at the night clubs.

Everything I say is to be taken as serious fucking business.
Lesbian sex.
Happy, lost and still unaware.
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I gave my brother a hand job. It was weird at first. It was weirder after.

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Sex with a girl I am madly in love with.


Like that's ever going to happen.
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Sex with a girl I am madly in love with.


Like that's ever going to happen.

I feel the pain...
Bike sex lmao and you've got to be pretty desperate or just be really into bikes.

shower sex and the classic, 3 way (the good kind lol) is pretty good =p
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shower sex and the classic, 3 way (the good kind lol) is pretty good =p

I wouldn't know what this is like
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Lesbian sex.

as a guy it gives me both extreme joy and extreme sadness at the same time

Joy because it looks awesome
sadness because I know I'll never be part of it
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Wiggy = legend.

Devil's Advocate
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Guitar sex. Read my sig and you'll understand.
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mom take me to the doctor i cant stop cumming in wrestling
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bobby, I've got poutine in my urethra

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Guitar sex. Read my sig and you'll understand.

Guitar Hero is that fun, lol? If so, I might have to buy it... (serious)