Im looking for a new amp, but do i get a stack or a combo?

i have about £400 and play everythign from blues to metal.

ive got a peavy revoloution 112 combo now, but its time for a change.

any help?
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Combo, because generally you can get something better. Remember that the head version of an amp might be cheaper than a combo, but then you have to buy a cab as well which makes it more expensive.

And I seem to be reccomending it alot these days, but the Peavey Valveking 1x12 would be ideal.
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Well if you play large venue gigs a Stack would be better... you won't get much stack for £400 though.

Anything else a combo is just better: cheaper, easily portable etc. etc.

I recommend a nice combo would be nicer.
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i got a JCM800 combo off ebay for £325 - you should check them out, they are just awesome
Do you play any decent sized gigs?

If yes, stack or possibly combo.

If not, combo.

Personally, I'd get a combo and mic it up for gigs. Which is what i do.
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Why? A large tube combo of at least 30 watts would be PLENTY loud. Besides, you're usually miked up at venues, anyway.

Unless you're really wanting a half-stack, then get a combo. They're relatively cheaper and WAY easier to lug around when you wanna play somewhere. Half-stacks also take more cables and are quicker to set up
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how heavy metal?

(not to go against the consensus here, as generally combos are better value, but sound control have a great deal on the peavey windsor head (£200) and grainger hammerhead (basically an epiphone so-cal head, £250), which could end up better value than a combo, perhaps).
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