I was researching this guitar a lot on the net,especially on musician's friend,it looks like an almost perfect guitar for me.But I have never seen it in the shop,so I couldn't try it.Everything looks nice,although I am wondering about how thin/thick neck is.I currently own Jackson JS30RR,and neck is nice,although it could be little thinner maybe,but not a big problem.So how fat is Hellraiser's neck to Jackons's?And is it really worth the price?
i may be describing it wrong, but it's a little bit thicker, i have a 60's neck styled les paul type guitar, and it's alot thinner than that, but it's a little thicker than my ibanez wizard II, but it's my favorite neck size i have

and yes it's worth the price, they play really well and sound awesome if you're into EMG's
its a realy good guitar, worth every penny
and the hellraisers neck doesnt bother me...its not huge but it works
Yeah my friend has one of these, it's incredible. I've also never heard anybody say anything other than nice things about them, the worksmanship at Schecter is impressive, to say the least. If I played metal or harder ****, without a doubt I'd get a Schecter Hellraiser.
Yeah,I also read just good things about it,but one thing that worries me is that I heard that the neck is nearly as fat as Les Paul.
have you ever played on a fatter neck?

you might find it more comfortable...

anyway... the hellraiser is good for its price... but its not really a studio worthy guitar.
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The Hellraiser is an excellent guitar, however, it has a pretty fat neck. Most Schecters do. I personally love their thickness, but if you prefer a thinner neck, you'd probably want to look at a different guitar.

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