ok i dont post much on this forum so i'm sure this has already been addressed but i use Powertab atm first off because it's free and easy to use and secondly cause Guitar Pro is going to cost me $60 + whatever upgrades i'll have to buy latter on. now i just want ur opinion on the subject... for the $$ is guitar pro a better program than powertabs? it seems a lot more complex and hard to figure out than powertabs imo. any opinions are welcome.
I have used both, and guitar pro is way better. Guitar pro has lot more things and they are simpler, I couldn't even find the time signature thing in powertab. IMO guitar pro is way easier program.
IMO powertab is much more annoying to use then guitar pro. When you learn to use GP properly, im sure youll prefer it. Its not worth 60 bucks though, just get it the other way. *cough* download it *cough*

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well i just read the mod post of this same subject cause i'm an idiot and didn't look before i posted.... oops
guitar pro.. however the GP 5's real sound crap sounds awful so i didnt install that part.. plus guitar pro can open power tabs anyway.. soo GP ftw. might as well just dl it... thats what everyone else does..
Guitar Pro all the way. If you have guitar pro you cant still download powertab files and use them in Guitar Pro!