What do you guys reckon the best format to rip to is?
This'll be streamed through very good speakers and/or a stereo system so as close to CD quality as possible preferably

EDIT: Gapless is a must
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Anything lossless, if you have the space.
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If you want best size, then mp3.

I beg to differ. OGG Vorbis is way better size-wise.
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.wma is actually also a pretty good compressed format.

Absolute best quality is just rip it to a .wav file. FLAC is also lossless, but half the size. You can rip to .wav and then convert to FLAC using a program like FLAC Frontend.
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It depends. It's gonna be on ur MP3 player too? MP3. If your player supports it, OGG. But if it's gonna be only on the speakers, take WMA or FLAC