Alright, me and a few friends are thinking about starting up a blues band. The main problem is that I don't know much about playing the blues. I know the 8-bar and 12-bar blues progressions, but I don't know any famous blues bassists to follow. In fact, blues artists in general would be cool; right now I'm listening to Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Keb' Mo'. Also, I play electric bass, and the closest I plan on getting to upright is fretless, so if there are any big blues bassists who play electric, pointing them out would be really cool.
Listen to Rory Gallagher, the bassist is called Gerry McAvoy.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Alot of Blues bassists, espicially modern use Bass Guitars.
As for Blues artists, check out:
Buddy Guy
Gary Moore
Albert Collins
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Although, when you just get the overall feel of it, and know your 12 bar blues well enough, you'll do just fine.
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Bass in blues often simply plays a simple riff with each chord. Not complicated, but lays down a groove.
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i suggest listening to Tommy Shannon, of SRV, and Double Trouble. his bass playing skills are considerable.

Tommy Shannon's true gift as a blues bass player is that he always, always, always perfectly complimented SRVs guitar work. Never too much and never too little. He laid down a perfect foundation for SRV to slide and rock and soar. This is what you shouldl aim for as a blues bass player. Its not about you, its about the foundation you lay down for the guitarist or lead instrument to soar from and come back to during the song.

Other people to listen to are Jerry Jermott (BB King) and Willie Dixon, who is one of the great blues composers along with being a solid bassist. And Roscoe Beck, who has some of the best blues bass playing instructional videos out there, and is considered one of the modern authorities on blues bass playing.