ok well me and my band-mates have been working on a few short instrimental songs and just want a few opinions on them, they were created using Powertabs and Beatcraft so if they sound whiny it's because ptb only exports midi files... they sound a lot better when we actually play them :-) let me know what u think of them. i cant get the site to upload my .zip's so i'll just link an external link for the mp3's themselves. there are 6 files total.

http://www.filebam.com/download/9182-c0615d/01 Track 1.mp3

http://www.filebam.com/download/9183-49550d/02 Track 2.mp3

http://www.filebam.com/download/9185-78bc5c/03 Track 3.mp3

http://www.filebam.com/download/9186-3a26e2/04 Track 4.mp3

http://www.filebam.com/download/9187-a9a1bf/05 Track 5.mp3

http://www.filebam.com/download/9188-0ff5d3/06 Track 6.mp3