your tone rocks man....very chunky! whats your setup ?
good tunes, fan of soilwork by any chance?
sent u a FR.
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Jarold The Jew:
I kinda felt the atmospheric synth till 48 sec could be done without.
Loved how the solo fades to and back from the synth lead.

Gary The Giraffe:
Nice riffs but the first two dont fade smoothly into each other, sorta disconnected
Other than that, Sweet song

I personally would lower the synth's volume so as to bring out the guitars more (nice riffage).
Tastefully used harmonies.

Overall Nice Playing

Crit Mine plz
Douglas Spad (Alder) [ custom wired with EMG and Passives ] : Kramer Striker FR424SM
Line 6 POD X3Live : Digitech Rp80 : Tascam US144
Kustom Sound (crappy ass) solid state amp
Old Steel String Acoustic (some local company)
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-Misanthropy: For these recordings I just used a line 6 pod direct into my laptop. I am a fan of soilwork! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about their newer stuff, but anything NBC and before I love. Peter Wichers produced an album of mine I did with Jonah from Pyramaze which will hopefully be out soon.

-Kramer: Thanks for the feedback, I really dig your song. Cool melodies and rhythms man. Need to make it louder though as far as overall volume unless I was just really tired and forgot to turn up the volume on my computer..lol.
The tone kicks ass, and the music sounds good two. You would get alot more views if your acted like you were serious though. Gerald the Jew is going to get alot of views, just thought id say.
- Play it from your heart, to the tips of your fingers
Iron man: Comp 3 is great. Nice relaxed and open vibe to it. Very nice playing and writing for only having played a little over a year! Keep it up man.

Vuoto: Thanks. I should probably try to be a bit more serious about it but I don't take myself seriously as a guitarist yet so it's kind of hard..lol