yeah.. i seem to be hitting the top of my index finger (between the final joint and my fingernail) whenever i play downward stroked 2-3 note chords, power chords, those thingies in the johnny b goode intro solo.

no problems with single strings, it's probably because of the angle i strike the strings at with the pick, about 30 degrees vertical tilt so it moves over the strings smoother, i dunno if this is the correct technique for this, it just felt natural.

does / did anybody else ever get this problem? i don't seem to be able to hold the pick further down my index finger or it starts to lose grip, and the impact is only very light but it's starting to rub my finger raw.


(damn i structured that badly and didn't explain very well, hope you can understand it :P)

I might be doing the same from time to time, but I don't think it matters. The strings vibrate as as they would in any case, so I wouldn't call it a problem. Are you sure you can hear it happen? I mean, you'd be hitting the strings with your finger BEFORE you hit the strings with your pick, so it seems unlikely.
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nah i can't hear it either, the only problem is it's causing some discomfort, maybe a callous will eventually build up
I sometimes do that still and I've been playing for 10 plus years now. No big deal! Just keep rocking out
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alright this makes me feel better about it =p i'll just have to be extra careful and try to do it a lot less since it hurts :P

thanks for the information guys!