This is something i wrote ages ago, it was about a friend but is obviously over-exagerated.

RAPED! kept in a cage!
Everyday raped!

You did not do wrong to diserve this!
Your life was dealt and you got a bad hand.

A moldy plate with fish heads.
Slides under the door.
I dont think you can take it anymore.
You break the plate!
You decided your fate.
Slowly scraping along your wrists.
Your master enjoying every bit.

Now it is time.
For you to die.
A bloody ****ing death!
Is what you required.

Your being ****ed as you bleed.
The word of god you could not read.

At the gates of heaven you shall be judged.

You took your life, a sin to be forgiven!
The life god gave you was mere filth ridden.
He apoligzed for the the life you gave.
He took your past and you went beyond the grave.
A new life awakening, all you ever wanted awaits.
Go forth and die, to reach the golden gates!