Another song i wrote a while ago, pretty much the reason i don't wanna get married.

A ****ing divorce and a caravan.
All your stuff in a garbage can.
I can't see why you tried!
Your wife didn't care for your tries.
She locked the doors and burnt your car.
Take your ass out to the bar.
A shot of tequila to ease the pain.
Don't think you'll ever see your kids again.

Your ex wife now has your house.
That bitch now has a new spouse.
Think of that man hugging your kids.
Think of your wife sucking his dick.
Throw back a couple more shots.
Keep drinking 'til you forget the lot.
No time to waste, you gotta get drunk.
You cant think of your wife and that hunk.

Drink until the fat chik is hot.
Drink and drink and smoke some pot!
Drug abuse and addiction.
Won't get that bitch out of your fiction.
She's all you can think of all day long.
Your losing your mind and holding a gun.
You stick the barrell in you mouth.
You pull the trigger but nothing comes out.
All your life seems like such a waste.
So it's off to your wifes house with all haste.
You hold the gun to her head.
All you want is to see her dead...