thats really good!!
kinda reminds me of nirvana/weezer, which are both great bands
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haha... ok

Any criticism?
Something he can work on?


He = Joost Kralt = The singer/keyboard-player of the band (Trip Trigger)
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I like how it suddenly gets all heavy in the chorus's.
I personally dont like the fuzzy distortion overall.
The vocals kinda dont seem to fit (dunno, maybe its me? - i didnt like them much so... :P)
Other than that nice song, kinda goes off on tangents but its good.

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hey mate, that's a pretty cool song.
I really like the drums and the guitar effect in the intro.

but there are also some little things i'd change:

- I had the impession, that the vocals are getting louder towards the ending. I would sing a little louder in the first part of the song. because in the first verse the vocals are sometimes drowned out by the guitars.

- Personally i didn't like the background vocals.

- I don't like the part at 1:10 - 1:20. There is just too little energy in there. kinda boring. i'd try to change it a little.

- and finally i think you should re-record the bass. Listen at 3:40 and you'll know what i mean. I think it should be played a little cleaner

so, that's it. i'll be looking forward to hearing a new version. it has potential!

if you want to crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=714340
you couldnt really hear the guitar in the intro, not sure if the drums are too loud.

this is a cool song though, i like the verses.
nice little build up to the chorus, but not sure if it was an anti-climax, maybe it could really kick in for the chorus?

it has a very cool sound i do like the guitar on the verses!