For christmas I have around £600/£700 to spend on a new guitar, I was thinking either the esp ex400bd, the jackson rr5 with the pinstripes or the dean razorback two tone, which one out of them is the best?
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Jackson all the way. Mind ESP and dean are cool.
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Try them first.

I personally have a ESP EX and it's great to play

I find the jacksons have too wide fretboards
the rr5 is probably the "best" of the 3
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The Jackson would probably have the best quality out of the three because it's made in Japan, but will be harder to play sitting down. I find explorer shaped guitars one of the most comfortable to play sitting down. I would go for the Jackson though...it's a sweet guitar. And I just hate the look of the ESP.
Jackson definately, made better etc.
ESPs are okay, but imo too much money in the UK.
Deans are just overpriced.
In that price range I'd go Dean
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£600-£700.....good price range

ibanez RG prestige, or jackson ?

I concur with the RG, £500 for an RG1570 which will be put together better then any of those 3.

But if you're really set on one of those... you wouldn't really go wrong with either the Jackson or the ESP, just try and give both a little test run if you can somewhere.
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I concur with the RG, £500 for an RG1570 which will be put together better then any of those 3.

For me it would be Jackson > ESP > Dean
the RR5 is an awesome guitar
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You have to try them- I find the V neck on Deans absolutely amazing, but ESP and Jackson are both amazing products as well
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If you have the budget to get an RR5, then you shouldnt be looking at LTDs imo.
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