hey guys. i just bought line6 UX1 toneport, and i thought i was going to get a great sound from it but i get a lot of noise with the output. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
is it only on the higher gain presets in Gearbox or is it happening all the time even without gearbox?

some more details on what exactly is causing the noise and what is running would be helpful
i lowered the gain by half, but i'm still getting some noise when i turn on only my bridge pick up (it's a strat copy BTW).
so you have a single coil in your bridge?
that being said, any type of distortion mode will give you humm because you are not using a Humbucker Pickup.

my PRS does the same thing when I set it to the neck, or bridge pickup alone.
you can counter it a little by putting a noise gate in line with Gearbox or even an actual one before leading into the toneport.

what about a super clean channel on gearbox, still noisy?

I'm 99% sure its just that you have single coils and thats the cause of the humm
The Toneports are fairly quiet.
alright, thanks. i'll just lower the distortion for the time being.