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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about investing in a new guitar (a strat), and I was just wondering which configuration would be best for my style (blues and rock). I want to start playing John Mayer-like stuff, so I was wondering which is best

HSS (humbucker at bridge, two single coils)
SSS (three single coils)
SSH (humbucker at neck, two single coils)
HSH (two humbuckers - one at neck & one at bridge, middle single coil)

Probably HSS......or just get SSS with some good pickups! and there's such thing as SSH?
ive never even seen a ssh before
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I have an HSS Fender US strat. I'm convinced it's the best combination. You get those beautiful bell-like clean tones in the neck position, but you can still rock out with a humbucker in the bridge. Yup, go with that.
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i would go with the HSS
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Ive seen SH tele, but never a SSH
Anyways, id go with HSS, but thats because i play a lot of single coil songs.
If you play a lot of humbucker stuff go for HSH
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HSS ftw
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I'd probably go with either sss or hss
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H-S-H has the most votes but nobody has posted a reply with HSH in it ...

So I'll be the first:P

Swineshead Condor in the neck position, spotlight in the middle and warthog/runaway in the bridge and you'll get the most amazing combo the guitarworld has ever seen
If you want to play John Mayer then go for SSS.

If you want to play some harder stuff as well, then go for HSS.
HSS, that's a pretty versatile pick-up config.
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For blues and blues rock SSS is definitely best... why do you think all blues players use SSS, it works the best.

You can get that real crunch from the pickups...

That's MY opinion though.

OR, get the HSS with a coil splitter... if you want to play heavier rock, too, this is probably the way to go. You can get both tones out of one pickup...
I use HSS and I like it more and more the more I play it
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I like the sound of a bridge single (particularly in telecasters) so I vote SSS