So I am interested in getting a Pod X3 for recording, and possibly a Shure 57 to record with my real amp, a Fender Deville, as well. How does the X3 work as an interface compared to an actual soundcard or interface? Is there a VERY noticably difference in quality? Can I get some numbers?

Thanks a LOT!

Also, does anyone know how well an X3 can imitate other instruments, like strings, synth and maybe even a bass? Again, it would be for recording, so I'd have plenty of time to tweak settings, and the mix result would be more important than the individual instrument sounds..
IMO you should get a soundcard and a one channel mixer
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You may get a little more luck with the "Riffs & Recordings" form here at UG as you are talking about recording interfaces and so someone may have tried the products.

I use a different recording card and have yet to even try the new POD products.
Here's my outlook on it all.
If you have the budget, get a good interface with a firewire connection to your desktop. Firewire is always better than USB and will give much better sounds.
on the other hand
The PODs were made to record in a studio so I can't really tell you which way you should go.

If it was my choice I would go with a PreSonus FIREPOD interface which is a great unit and has a lot of inputs for the same price as the pod you are looking at. You can also get a program like Amplitube to get some guitar cabs and FX in your recordings.

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IMO you should get a soundcard and a one channel mixer

Not just any sound card, a recording card.
Standard sound cards were not made for recording and have bad sound quality.
Also a mixer is for live use, not for recording.

When you look into studios these days they are not running mixers, they are running digital workstations which are digital mixers that control the levels of the interface they are running.
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I don't need any mixers or cards for live playing, as everywhere I play has a mixer and all already. I just want enough to make some amateur songs on my laptop. I appreciate the advice on getting a soundcard, but if you haven't tried a X3, how can you compare the recording quality? it makes since that a firewire device gets better quality than a USB one, but is it really noticable?

I'd love to hear some more about soundcards, so please, keep it coming. I hope someone here has tried a X3 as well, though. Also, is there a noticable difference between a X3 live and just an X3 for what I want to use it for?