Ok so I wrote this....uhh its almost like a poem but Im thinking about adding some music and making it a song.Im not the best at it and some of it sounds kinda corny but just try and read it all.Remember ill have to edit it some.

A silence fills the air.The dark night only breathes dispair.It takes hold but are you aware of the darkness thats within.

Now that I walk through the valley of the shadow of death fear grips me it deos its best.There are no forgiven when the darkness takes control.

Yeah everybody has their demons.Kept it all locked inside now im screamin.So hold fast cause its not over yet.

Dont let it all go so soon.The memories come rushin back like a monsoon.Just keep on fightin till the waters maroon dont let it take control.

Now were right back where we started.All those dreams are dearly departed.So dont burn those bridges once you get across cause then youll truly be lost.

Well thanks for any comments.Like I said ill have to edit it some.
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