Surely most of you have had a significant gear upgrade that made you want to crap on your old gear and throw it away because of the awfulness. And before you got your new gear, you thought your old gear was good.

So tell us some details about your experiences like these. Mine was when I first started out playing guitar. I had a Fender Frontman, which sucked terribly, but I didn't know. I then somehow got my hands on this fake no-name amp which actually had a bit of distortion and thought it was so good because i was playing metallica stuff.
It was the worst sounding distortion I had ever heard after I switched to a........Micro Cube. That's right. I still haven't made the big step from solid-state to tube amps though.
Well, I never thought my crap gear sounded good. Most significant upgrade was when I got my Squier '51 and Epiphone Valve Junior. Shame I don't have either of them anymore
going from an encore strat copy, to a epiphone g-400, and from a mg10 to a 5150 head. Best upgrades yet. In the nearish future I'll be going from a js jackson warrior to a caparison tat II. That should be nice as well.
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When I stepped up from my spider II (Yes, 2), to my peavey classic 50.
The jump was too big though, and I spent sleepless nights breaking in the speakers and such.
Oh well, now I have a sweet amp, good guitar, a little boost, and i'm good to go.
Really want an OCD though.
Call me Wes.
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i went from a solid state crate to a krank
i nearly passed out at how much better my krank was than my crate
and i went from a squier to a Gibson SG
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Well if everything goes well, I'm getting a Framus Cobra this week, switching from my 5150. I hope the gods love me cause I want that amp so bad!!!

Never really upgraded significantly besides that.

First amp/guitar: Peavey strat copy/Peavey amp
Next: Sold Peaveys, bought Ibanez SZ520/Vox AD30VT
Next: Sold Ibanez, bought Gibson Faded SG
Next: Bought Jackson DXMG
Next: Bought 5150
Next: Sold Jackson, bought EC-1000
Next: Bought Mesa F-30
Next: Sold Mesa F-30

and that's where I am now.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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