I just saw on the inspi(red) site that $10 of a $250 ipod nano goes to help fight AIDS in africa

yeah, that sounds good
but i was thinking of buying a (red) shuffle for £50, and by my calculations, only £2 will go to help there...

is it worth it? it seems to me that they don't mention how much goes to help on the site, so they don't want to share how little actually goes to help. I think i'd rather just donate that £50 and not get the shuffle
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I think you answered your own question. If you want to donate money to undeveloped countries, you don't buy an iPod.
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the question is...

Do you want a red ipod?

Sod the charity, just get whatever ipod you want. And if you still want to help afirca, donate money seperately.
You could donate to Oxfam? Some of that money might get to Africa, unless they decide to buy another nice shiny headquarters with it. Again