Do preamps do anything else but add more volume without distorting the recording? What is the point of spending thousands on a good one?

(Yes, I have read tweak's guide, but I am still a little concerned)
Preamps are used with instruments but mostly mics.
They amp the signal up so it can be recorded.
distortion/clipping happens when you push the signal too far into your recorder. Turning a preamp too far will only add noise but wont cause distortion/clipping.

better ones are extremely quiet and will have much better sonic qualities
good recordings come from good gear and good instruments.
also the user of software and artist playing the instruments.

- gear being interface, (some with on board preamps)
- recording device, (mostly computer these days)
- mics (some go well above $500 and make a nice difference)
- instruments explains itself.
- The recording software/user. (you can give someone a great program that has great sound capability but if the user doesn't know how to use it they cant make a great sounding song.)
- Artist, being a good artist helps in making a great song...

to get good recordings get a good interface first.
when upgrading recording rigs most will update mics followed by the preamps.
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