I saw this wah on ebay with this description;


I bought this wah second hand a few years ago and I've been very happy with it's classic sounding wah - until recently when it's seems to have got noisier and has lost it's wah. I thought it was simply a case of replacing the pot which I did but for some reason it's still not wahing. Anyway I'm not great with electronics so having lost patience I've just bought another one. It definitely looks well used with nicks and scratches everywhere especially on the bottom plate (adds character I think), but I'm sure a better man than me can get this working properly again. It has a new dunlop 100hz hot pot and new rubber feet - I will also supply the old pot too - it may just need a new fasel inductor?"

How much would you estimate this might cost to fix in a shop and by yourself (if its easy enough)?

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i think its going to be hard for anybody here to evaluate that without pictures of the insides. If you are truely interested ask the seller to take a pic of the wiring and electronics and post it up here
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