I have a piece of crap RAGE 158 transtube amp from peavey, and a Digitech RP350, a Digitech Grunge, and a remake TS808. I want to go completely analogue and wanna get a larger amp, like a halfstack or whatever.

What kind of pedals should I buy? And what's the best halfstack for it's price, and preferably tube?

I'm thinking some kind of overdrive, wah, flanger, and maybe some reverb.. Does that sound like too much to put my sound through? And if I DO get a new amp, should I use the settings on that instead of a dist/overd pedal?
How much money you got to spend, unless it's a very lot then chances are you'd be better off looking at combos.
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Well first we need Styles of music played, price range, etc/

also, if you want the best amp for the money, your best off getting a tube combo unless you have a fat wallet to play with. (this isnt always the case, but 9 out of 10 times it is).
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yeah i'd look into tube combos (as said before) wah flange and overdrive isn't too much, but the amp you get may have reverb on it, and you won't need a pedal for that.
on the amp dist vs overdrive... i'd get an overdrive, and an amp with a clean and dirty channel. that way, you have nice distortion from the tubes, but if/when you need that extra kick or a different tone, you can kick in the overdrive.
The cheapest tube half is about $900 or so. So id go with a Fender, Crate, or Peavey tube combo. And depending on the amp, id rather use an OD unless ur playing classic rock or blues. Ur TS808 remake should do. Make sure all of ur effects have true bypass. otherwise, u will have ur signal changed too much. A Vox wah or a Fulltone Clyde wah are the absolute best, but are decently expensive. Boss and EHX make good pedals all around, especially for Flange and EHX makes amazing reverb/echo pedals. again, prices can run decently high when it comes to good reverbs.