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I've been woken up by a dog jumping on me, rain soaking me through a tent, and my brother throwing up on me, but today something worse happened.

My neighbours + a Hannah Montana CD + loud stereo at 8AM.

Death to Miley Cyrus!
the stupid alarm clock......beep beep beep beep

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Blurgh, horrible!

I woke up at my normal time to find the shelf holding my CD player, speakers and some books had fallen on me during the night. It still didn't wake me up any earlier, lol
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Quote by phatsack
the stupid alarm clock......beep beep beep beep

I cant stand alarms
but i get used to mine after a while so i dont wake up to it.
so ill use the radio setting instead of the beeper.
Well, it's not something that woke me up, it's something that happened just after I woke up.

I was staying over at a friends house the day before a party there, to help him get things ready before people arrived. I was downstairs, on his settee. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was his kitten lying on it's back on my chest, paws in the air.

That cat contains so much cute and win it's unbelievable.
My friend with his face right next to mine with an expression like 0_0.

It was one of the scariest moments in my life.
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worst lol how about waking up to my dog sleeping on my legs, for a good 2 mins i was like my legss AHHHHHH then i looked down and my dumb ass dog was sleeping on em
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My brother and his friend playing the Nintendo Wii. I'm more pissed at my mom 4 not telling them to turn it down.
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^smell nice? lol

woken up by the scream of my brother putting his arm through a glass window...long story short, he went to get up and slipped. i ended up holding his arm together with a towel
Quote by guitar4life24
My brother and his friend playing the Nintendo Wii. I'm more pissed at my mom 4 not telling them to turn it down.

I'd have just joined in and kicked their asses with my tennis sk1llz.
a slap to the was revenge cuz i slapped him in the face so i guess we were kind of even. it sounds bad, but u just wake up instantly, no pain or anything, unless u have a great friend that slaps u really hard.
My friends woke me up on a like 7:00. I was pissed...then, they ripped me out of bed, and I was only wearing my boxers.
my 2 brothers, came into my room, and woke me up by smashing every single cymbal my brother has in front of my face, and as I procede to eat sandwhich had a few extra slices....of newspaper cutouts
My cousin pulled off my bed covers and threw things at me, infront of my family. It sounds more like abuse than light comedy.....

After about 25 minutes of sleep at 5 in the morning, some twat removed our tent pegs causing wet tent to land on my face, needless to say I was not best pleased and me and my two friends that were in the tent chased him and beat him up.
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well it didn't happen to me but I was at my bass players house and our friends Dylan and Levi were over and Levi passed out on the couch.. so we each grabbed the largest handful of flour and antiqued the piss out of him one after another.. it was all in his eyes and his mouth and his nose then we all darted up the stars and lock ourselves in Brandon's (bass) bedroom.. great time
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We go drinking from time to time.
One of my friends, dickslapped me, i was so drunk, so i just woke up for a couple of seconds, and then zzzZZzZZzzzz
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I was woken up one morning by my mother screaming at about 3:30 AM. She was having a stroke.
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It's either

A) My sister dropping a cat on my face (whose claws were, of course, out, like you'd expect a cat being dropped from a high altitude would have).

B) Me waking up at a friend's place, some guys arms around me, the taste of vomit in my mouth, my warm jacket on and 30 pieces of fireworks rockets in my pants.

Quote by Dirk Gently
I was woken up one morning by my mother screaming at about 3:30 AM. She was having a stroke.

Did everything end up alright?
Quote by mikiedaman
the cops at my front door wanting to arrest me....

Well that's unfortunate.

I'm curious as to what you did...
We went camping and i got a little drunk
I woke up next day and had been dragged into the middle of the campsite so everyone could see me. they then proceded to put dog treats in my ear and woke up whem my dog tried eating them out of my ear.
Hes a great dane btw, so it felt like most of my face was being eaten -.-'
woke up an realized that I was covered in my own puke... it was ugly
and i wasn't even drunk
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I was woken up once by my mother's dog having puppies. It was mostly by my friend's scream of horror, because she had one of them on his legs while he was sleeping.
My step-niece, who I was baby sitting at the time banging pots and pans together to wake me up. My mother is insane about her cooking stuff, though, so I got revenge.
I woke one of my friends up once by playing the main riff to Crazy Train as loud as my amp would go with it beside his head. I also had both of my stereo speakers playing the song as loud as my stereo would go, also right beside his head.
10 watt guitar amp at full volume+80 watt stero at full volume+Sleeping friend= Pure joy.

EDIT: When I was younger, I used to wake up all the time, and just throw up. Not a lot, but enough to annoy me and keep me awake for the next few hours. I did this once, and couldn't breathe. My parents had to take me to the emergency room.
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My two worst:

Waking up in the hospital with stitches in my head. I fell from my bed with my head onto a table.

Waking up, missing 7 condoms without any recollection of what happened to them.
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Quote by Dirk Gently
I was woken up one morning by my mother screaming at about 3:30 AM. She was having a stroke.

Wow...I think you win. That sucks.

I was woken up by my friend trying to kill me. He put a pillow on my face then sat on it. I couldn't breathe so when I finally got out from under the pillow, I punched him in the chest. I don't think we're even yet.
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