i want to install Halo for the Pc , on two coputers, i no thats illegal but you will just have to arest me, if you can find me, does anyone know how to do this with just one disk and be able to run both at the same time?
you can enter the serial number more than once I think.. and for running it at the same time maybe a network router... I'm not sure.. best guess
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no i tred that the serial does not work twice, just wanderd though could there be a crack for it?
ive done this before and still do occasionally. you can install the game on both computers the way you would install anything and they will both run at the same time. the only trick would be that you have to put the cd in one computer, load the game, and then put the pc in the other computer are load the game. the game can play without the cd but obviously it cant start. the only problem you will have is that if you are playing online on two different computers at the same time with the same CD key thing you cant play in the same game together

EDIT: i did this with halo combat evolved, i dont know which game you have or if there even is more than one for pc.
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