There are no model numbers... Just Aria Pro II Magna series. that goes from MA-10 to like MA-100 i believe, and ive been through catalogs and blue book of guitars, and none of the descriptions or pictures match mine, i cant even find a magna series with a pickguard. Weird thing is that on every aria magna it says made in japan on the back of the neck, or on the neckplate, mine doesnt. hell mine doesnt even have a neckplate. its got a gotoh floyd rose, gotoh tuners, all dimarzio pickups, 2 singles and it had a super distortion in the bridge, but i switched it out for a steve special. Cant find any aria magnas that have pickguards. Got a 5-way, volume and push-pull tone knob. i think the body is probably alder, or poplar, i cant really tell though, i cant see woodgrain on it anywhere, its kind of light. its pretty much the best guitar ive ever played, and there is no Aria customer service for me to run the serial numbers.
what i'm more concerned about is why the strings have been put on the wrong way round...
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its for the floating trem...it locks the strings in place down there...so the "balls" would be in the way

you could also just cut the balls off

edit: omg that sounds painfull
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Your always getting cool guitars.......

Im sure there has to be some Aria fan site that can help.

There is for just about every other guitar company that came out in the 80s.
okay, just got off the phone with ariaUSA. she had the aria magna catalog, and my guitar isnt like anything thats in it...?

aria magna series neck on some other random body? but the neck joint seems like it would be really hard to find a match for, its an offset-4 screw bolton. so i really dont think it would be that way, plus magnas have truss rod covers, all of them, mine doesnt. what the helll its so confusing, she said for me to fax some information and questiosn to aria japan. but all aria guitars are stamped made in japan on them, mine isnttt