Quick question-- this will be my first substantial jump from generic no-name guitar to something worth keeping around. Because the Iceman series (love it or hate it, I'm chasing one) is more or less discontinued, I've been stalking eBay quite a bit.

Found a deal on an IC300, upgraded pickups, and the elusive hard case for a pretty low price ($300-400 range, plus shipping!)-- but is it worth it to pay more and go for the mahogany and set neck of the IC400?

My knowledge of guitar quality is quite vague; how does one discern the difference between the two (mahogany vs. basswood, bolt-on vs. set neck) when I don't have either in front of me?
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it is normally personal preferance but if you want to go on stage and do the whole smack guitar on the floor the neck can be re bolted easier
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Personally, I'd go for the IC300. The case will save your bum, upgraded pups are a good call for an Ibanez, and the 300 has a slightly smaller, more comfey body.

On the subject of basswood vs mahagony...a lot of people will tell you basswood is a cheap, ****ty wood, but I beg to differ. It is softer, and slightly lighter, than mahagony, with a bigger low end response, but that shouldn't really matter. For your purposes, body wood won't be noticable past weight.

Set vs. bolt-on neck is a question fought about, over and over. Set neck will give better sustain, but bolt on tends to give a sharper attack. Again, this might not even be noticable to you. What you will notice is the neck heel (where the neck meets the body) will be shaped differently to accomidate the different constructions. Some say set neck is the most comfortable for reaching high frets, some say bolt on. If the heels on the IC300 is anything like the heel on my Ibanez DT120, then it will be pleanty comfortable.

Conclusion: I'd go with the IC300, unless you really like the look of the 400.
I'd go for the Ic400 if you do alot of covers,
But the Ic300 if you're totally into SOAD or you wanna do something of your own.

Me, personally, I'd go with the Ic400

Edit: and to the.spine.surfs,

The Ic300 is a baritone, trust me, its not smaller.
the ic300 is NOT a baritone, that would be the "iceman 2" is the baritone. I im going to try find a ic350 , or just get a used ic300 and do some work on it.
I would personally go with the IC400 but purely because I prefer mahogany tone over basswood.
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I'd take the IC400, the IC300 just looks like a halff-assed attempt at an Iceman, like they started it with the best of intentions but couldn't be bothered to finish it properly.

And then get bits to stick on it from here

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Ack, indecision time, or maybe not. The 300 seems like such a good deal, though. If I can convince my dad sometime today that it's worth the purchase, I might buy it.

Thanks guys, especially the.spine.surfs.

Another note though-- I wasn't aware that there was any difference in body shape between the IC300 and IC400, only visible thing really is that the IC400 has two more tone/volume knobs, I believe. And the parallelogram inlays, which look nice but I can live without.
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They're the same shape - the ICX is the smaller format iceman body.
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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

I owned the IC300 and definetely enjoyed the heck out of it. I picked mine up from a pawn shop for $300, which included the case.

basswood is generally frowned upon as being "cheap wood". but it's also really light, which is great for extensive play time. it didn't sound as dark as the mahogany bodied Schecter C-1 I also had at the time. but I like it's tone a lot. I put a EMG 81/85 set in and didn't really like it too much. maybe the basswood doesn't work well with those? but the bolt on neck was fine. the neck was stellar, very fast and easy to play, which was my favorite part of the guitar.

I personally don't believe it's worth the money to get the IC400 unless you want a volume and tone knob for each pup.

also note, Darron Malakian used the IC300 for most of System of a Down's live performances until they were stolen. and they sound badass live (IMO).

in the end, your amp will make more of 'your sound'.
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Hey guys, I just bought the guitar. Loaded with Seymour Duncans, too. Now I have to wait until Christmas to upgrade my amp-- but I think I can keep busy until then.

Thanks again.