Hey you guys!
I'm in a band right and we're all ready and everyhting with out or instruments and equipment but we have no decent material. See one problem is is that we all like different styles of music and we can't compremise anywhere and any music we make we all don't like. I know we are more than capable but the different genres of music aren't helping. I was hoping that we could play in the style that we like but that doesn't work. Have any of you any ideas to help me and my band?
just reach a compromise and have each member bring in a song and have the rest of the band learn it
no, you have to rule your band like a benevolent dictator, which means take charge but take into idea everyone elses thoughts are, sit down with them and talk about what the hell is going on, do something before you are all forced in one direction, its fine to be multigenres but you have to make it work, btw which genres are you guys talking about?
Try to make some kind of fusion or experimental group. Try to take different elements of everyone's styles and try to make em work together. Or look around for new bands that everyone can get interested in. Just start jamming and hopefully u can get a sound ur all happy with.
First you need to get everyone on the same page.
Have a meeting and make it absolutely clear that it's all about trying to create a new sound by combining all your influences. That is the main goal.
Explain that everyone must be prepared to contribute towards the end sound and that a bit of give and take will also be needed.
Don't try and give everyone an equal say on every song, This never works because you always just end up with loads of songs that sound the same.
Your advantage is that you all have different tastes, so if you split into different writing partnerships and change partners often, you'll end up with great contrasting songs that also work together. Remember, variety is healthy.
It'll take a while to get into the swing of working like this but believe me, you'll see the results eventualy. Especialy if you are all totaly honest with yourselves and if a song isn't up to scratch, it should be dropped or reworked until it is without anyone getting sulky because they had a hand in the original writing of it.
The end result is paramount. It's the most important thing and if you can all agree on that and realise that your all going to have your own different favourite song out of the set, then you can't go far wrong.
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