Rave/techno with metal kinda sounds like it would be something like Voltera. Check em out, really nice singer(s). i dont have any working speakers, so i cant say if it is for sure tho.
industrial? reminds me of KMFDM

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I think its ****

Just being blunt.
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Lol wtf was that? Pretty damn strange, that voice was way too loud and the quality of the recording was pretty bad. This sounds pretty industrial to me.
Cybergrind is a form of grindcore heavily influenced by extreme electronic music that, aside from the instruments used in ordinary grindcore, uses computer generated sounds, synthetic instruments, and/or drum machines. As a result, there are many electronic, techno and even jungle influences on many of these groups. It usually overlaps with speedcore and, less often, with industrial metal.

didnt really like it..vocals kinda sucked.