Hey, I'm in the process of building up a set of tones for different timbre's in my music... and I bought a G Major Guitar processor... its a rack mounted processor, and its pretty a pretty sick part of my effects loop... anyway... I was wondering, Since im sort of new to the whole rig building thing... what kind of pedal solutions do I have for working with this thing?

Can I just buy and MIDI pedal and have it switch settings for me? I really need a way to change my sound as I'm playing...

+ any suggestions are welcome.
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I think a MIDI pedal would do it, yes. Check the manual, does it say anything about MIDI pedals?
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By all means shop around. I have the same processor, and while they recommend the G minor MIDI pedal, it's really not that flexible. It DOES have a tuner function, and therefore puts a tuner on your pedalboard. Very good to keep it out of your signal chain.
BUT, it only has three buttons. While I'm new at MIDI myself, I think there's much better options out there.

(And yes, you can switch presets with a MIDI pedal. I *think* you can switch blocks on and off, too, if you have enough buttons on the MIDI controller.)

TC electronic should have a downloadable pdf file to check out. Boring to read, but it'll save you some bucks!

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