hey guys, im currently studying at college and i should know more about theory than what i do now. i need to know how you people leaned guitar theory and could you give me anything that would help, i kinda find theory learning a little boring but it has to be done if i want to be considered as a musician, can any of you guys please help. cheers.
what I like to do is incorporate theory learning into my practice. For example, for warm ups I'll play through one type of the major scale (flat keys or sharp keys) in order. Each scale I will name the scale, how many sharps/flats it has, and it's relative minor. So I would start off with the first scale, which is C major, and I would say "C major, no sharps or flats, relative minor is A minor". Then (if i were doing sharps) I'd go on to the next scale, G major, and i'd say "G major, One sharp F sharp, and hte relative minor is E minor", and so on. I'd continue through that until I was done. Doing that helped me learn the order of the scales, the key signatures, and relative minors.
I worked out how the different scales work. All scales are based on the major scale for example. Then how chords worked and how various notes and intervals effect the music. Then just keep messing around with the new stuff you discover. With theory you can always learn some weird sound or method that you've never heard of before.