I am currently getting ready to record some guitar parts for my songs. I am going to be recording distorted electric guitar from my Marshall JCM 900. I have two condensers that I can use. Does anyone know if I'm better off using a Rode NTK vocal condenser or a cheap MXL 991 instrument condenser? I know the Rode NTK is made for vocals, but it is a much more expensive microphone than the MXL 991. I am not sure which one will get me better results for the electric guitar. Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.
well why dont you try them out yourself considering you have them both...........................
CAD Trion 7000, ribbon mics are used alot for recording guitars, also a sm57 would do it... but yeah guitar328 is right, use both... then blend them in yoru final mix and get a really unique cool sound (Its what i do with my 58 without the pop filter and one of my tom mics, sounds awesome)
I tried out both mic's and both sounded kind of dull and not really too great for guitar. I ended up going to Guitar Center and picking up a Shure SM-57. It's tone is so much more clearer and tighter than the MXL 991 and Rode NTK.
Of the two you mentioned I think the MXL has a nicer compression. It is very sensitive to how you place it though. If you can combine the MXL with the SM57 you'll get some great results (assuming you don't get phasing issues).