I played acoustic for a bit and got most of the major chords and a few minor chords under my belt. Now I started using an electric ... any tips for a starter?
well you can apply anything you learned on an acoustic to your electric too.

but aside from that, practice alternate picking and scales, power chords are simple, also I reccomend learning obscure chords or chord theory so you know how chords are built and can expand your rhythmic abilities

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thanks..imma read up on scales...but Ive been finding it kinda awkward to play the electric. I use the strap on the guitar and sit down while i play but something about it is strange. Perhaps its because i cant use a pick at all, but i also find it hard to keep my thumb on the back of the neck between my index and middle - and not letting my thumb creep to the very top of the neck where its more comfy.

Any suggestions . tips?
I played for about a year on my acoustic with 12gauge strings (ouch) before I got my electric so I found fingering chords, notes etc so much easier. Learn some punk first. Good one would be Lustra's Scotty doesn't know.
It depends on what I am playing, but I will have my thumb sitting comfortably where you mention if I am playing something which doesn't need it. Of course, certain solos require you to be more in control of your thumb. Learn to use it where it aids your skill the most.

If you want to get good at electric, practice, practice and practice. To start, learn some easy cool songs like Back in Black, maybe Highway to Hell..etc. Punk stuff is usually pretty simple too. Then as you get better start adding in scales, solos, and all that.
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